I live and work in Cape Town as an illustrator, painter and art teacher.

I was born in Graafwater, a tiny town in the Sandveld region of the West Coast of South Africa and obtained a diploma in Graphic Design at the Cape Technikon  during which time I studied fine art with various artists, including Michael Petit and Jan Visser.

For the past 25+ years I have been working as an illustrator for most of the major Southern African publishing houses, while at the same time painting and running art classes.

I  love Africa and her mosaic of cultures whether they be in the form of nature, wildlife or people. I have a passion for people, art, music, film, dance,the outdoors and life in general.


The animals in my garden

James and a dear and beautiful mole snake

Rescued from sewer on a Sunday morning

This one is part of beautiful nature.  No poison, no killing in this garden!

Poisonous, but leaving the garden and house smelling lovely at night!

October - the most beautiful month of the year


My first pizza

Edibles from my garden